Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 Amazing Worldwide Event #2 Linked to Bible Prophecy: The Coming Third Lunar Eclipse in April

In my post on January 6th I listed four amazing worldwide events coming in 2015. I call them amazing and worldwide events because I believe they are linked to Bible prophecy and therefore will affect the entire world. (Tweet that!)

After a brief one-post interruption for the breaking news story about the terrorists in Paris, France, in my previous post on January 10th we took a look at that first event: 

The second amazing worldwide event coming this year is the third of the four total lunar eclipses occurring April 4, 2015. (Tweet that!

This event will be on the Jewish feast of Passover. (Tweet that!)

We will discuss this event more in depth all next week. For now, you can find a lot of information in our previous discussions about these four lunar eclipses. Here are links to several of those posts. If you haven't been with me for these discussions, there's a ton of information in these linked articles. Even if you have been with me long enough to have seen these posts previously they are great for review: (Tweet that!)

Come back on Thursday for a brief look at 2015's amazing worldwide event #3 that is linked to Bible prophecy: the coming Shemitah in September.

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