Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Partial Solar Eclipse Will Occur on Shemitah -- Plus Easter Moments Countdown Days 13 & 12

Solar Eclipse public photo from NASA
With the total solar eclipse of March 20, 2015, in the past, we can now look forward to another partial solar eclipse falling on an important prophetic date. Does it surprise you that there will be another partial solar eclipse on the Shemitah itself?!

It did me.

Again it makes sense to give you links to articles I've already written on this blog instead of rewriting the same information. Here are two article on this very topic.

Here's the article posted on January 29 of this year:

And here's an article about my Facebook Event for the Shemitah, which you can join now, on the blog on January 31 earlier this year:

Please use the link on that page to find the Facebook Event so you'll be in the loop for articles and information when I ramp up for that event later this year. Thank you!

One last thing: 

Please don't forget the "Four Blood Moons Movie" showing one day only this coming Monday, March 23.

Find a theater near you on that site. Get your tickets now. I'll post a reminder about it again on Monday. See you then.


Does it surprise you that there will be another partial #SolarEclipse on the #Shemitah itself?! (Tweet that!)

Info on the coming #SolarEclipse in September on the #Shemitah! #DarkSun Learn here. (Tweet that!)

Join my unofficial Facebook Party here! #FourBloodMoonsMovie (Tweet that!)

Don't forget the #FourBloodMoonsMovie premiering March 23, 2015! (Tweet that!)

Easter Moments:

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