Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Friday's Total Solar Eclipse at the North Pole Extremely Rare

Solar Eclipse public photo from NASA
While I was reviewing my previously posted article for today, I re-discovered something I'd forgotten: the partial solar eclipse last April was visible only in southern parts of the world, such as Australia.

I didn't realize something last spring when I wrote that article because I hadn't yet learned something else: Friday's total solar eclipse will be seen at the exact opposite end of the earth. Isn't that fascinating?

I learned that Friday's solar eclipse will be visible at the North Pole only recently. And according to the article I read that in, that is very rare. I'll share that article below as well.

This week, rather than re-writing the ton of information I've already researched and written on solar eclipses, I'm re-sharing those articles. So please take a few moments to click over to the articles I'm sharing this week to review and remember what we've learned previously (I'm amazed at how much I'd forgotten):

Here is my article about last April's solar eclipse:

Here is the article I discovered just this past week. It has some really fascinating information about the rarity of Friday's eclipse:

Does it feel to you like for Friday's total solar eclipse at the North Pole it's as if God is looking down over the whole earth? 


See what's "Exceedingly Rare" about Friday's #SolarEclipse here: #DarkSun  (Tweet that!)

One #SolarEclipse was at the south end of the world. Friday's will be at the North Pole! #DarkSun Learn more!  (Tweet that!)

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