Saturday, March 28, 2015

Is it a Total or a Partial Lunar Eclipse and Why that Distinction is Important -- Plus Easter Moments Countdown Days 7 & 6

Dates of Four Total Lunar Eclipses
plus the central Solar Eclipse
of 2014 and 2015
I've noticed a change! Previously Time and was calling this a partial lunar eclipse. They have changed their heading and are now calling this a total lunar eclipse. That distinction is important. (Tweet that!) Here's why:

These lunar eclipses are spiritually, prophetically, and Biblically important because they are a tetrad. (Tweet that!) A tetrad is defined as:

  • four total lunar eclipses in a row without any partial lunar eclipses falling in between them. (Tweet that!)

If this lunar eclipse #3 is only a partial eclipse, that would be extremely important because that would mean this is not a tetrad. (Tweet that!)

Lunar eclipses are not rare. Of course tetrads, a series of four total lunar eclipses with no partials in between, are more rare. (Tweet that!)

This tetrad is even more rare because each total lunar eclipse in this tetrad is falling either the first or the last of the seven Jewish holy feast days God gave the Jewish people in the Old Testament (that is, Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles also known as Sukkot). (Tweet that!) And they are falling on those Jewish holidays two years in a row.

Time and has changed it's label for this eclipse from "Partial" to "Total" in its heading. It also gives this note:

(*) Eclipses with a short totality may be labelled wrongly as partial. We are working on a solution.
When Time and was calling this a partial lunar eclipse, I wrote more about it here:

Come back next Tuesday and we'll learn more as we gear up for this coming total lunar eclipse which is being called the third Blood Moon. Meanwhile, be thinking about who you might invite to join you in observing this spring celestial event. (Tweet that!) A friend via the Facebook Lunar Eclipse Watch Party? (Tweet that!) Or a neighbor during the eclipse in your backyard?

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