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What Time and Where in the Sky to See the April 4 Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon #3) -- Plus Easter Moments Countdown Days 9 & 8

Dates of Four Total Lunar Eclipses
plus the central Solar Eclipse
of 2014 and 2015
I'm sure the first question on your mind is where in your sky and when, as in the hours, you'll be able to see the 3rd "Blood Moon" total lunar eclipse coming early the morning of April 4, 2015.

Who can see it? 

At least some of this lunar eclipse will be visible in most of North America, South America, Asia and parts of Australia. (Tweet that!) Depending on where you are, you will see:

  • Alaska, most of you will be able to see 100% of this eclipse from start to finish.
  • Far western U.S. and Canada will see more than 75% of the event.
  • Mid-west America (from approximately the Mississippi River westerly) and Canada, you'll see less that 75% but more than 50% of this eclipse. In my area, for example, the moon will set behind the western horizon before the eclipse ends, so I won't be able to see the big finish.
  • Eastern approximately one third of the U.S. and Canada, as well as most of South America, will see less than 50%.
For more precise details, and for locations in Asia, Australia, and Russia, you can find a map with what you'll see, plus tons more information, here:  (Tweet that!)

What time will the eclipse appear?

To learn what time the eclipse will begin and end in the skies over your neighborhood, you can enter your city in the box called "Eclipses visible from your city" on that same Time and Date site. (Tweet that!)

How long will this lunar eclipse last?

The moon will be in the totality phase, meaning totally eclipsed, for approximately five minutes. From start to finish this eclipse will last 3 hours and 29 minutes. (Tweet that!)

You can compare the length of this eclipse with the 4th Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse coming in September 2015 in this article I wrote earlier this year:

Lunar Eclipse Trivia:

Did you know a lunar eclipse can only take place on a full moon? (Tweet that!)

And did you know that on the Jewish calendar the first of the month is always on a new moon (no moon visible) and therefore the 15th of the month is always on a full moon?

We've discussed these things in more detail here on the blog in previous posts. You can learn more in this one:

If you've been following the Blood Moons or this blog you know I'm fascinated by this current tetrad of four total lunar eclipses because they are falling on Jewish holy days, namely Passover (in the spring) and the Feast of Tabernacles, also called Sukkot (in the fall). (Tweet that!)

Obviously, then, Passover and Sukkot always fall on the 15th of the month on the Jewish calendar. That's the only way we could have lunar eclipses on these Jewish holidays -- if they were always on the 15th of the month. (Tweet that!)

You can learn more in my comments leading up to Blood Moon #2 last fall here:

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Come back on Saturday for more information about this 3rd in the series of four total lunar eclipses appearing on Jewish holidays in 2014 and 2015. (Tweet that!)

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