Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Learn How the Jewish Calendar Works Into this Tetrad of Lunar Eclipses and Tetrad History -- Plus Easter Moments Countdown Days 5 & 4

Dates of Four Total Lunar Eclipses
plus the central Solar Eclipse
of 2014 and 2015
I've written extensively about these four lunar eclipses on Jewish holy days on this blog. (Tweet that!) Today let's review some of these previous posts because I think you'll find that information fascinating. (Tweet that!)

I explored how the Jewish calendar works. This is important in understanding how the Jewish calendar plays into these total lunar eclipses falling on those Jewish "Feasts of the LORD" or Jewish holy days. (Tweet that!)

In an article on the day before the very first of the four total lunar eclipses, I reviewed what happened in history in the times surrounding previous tetrads, (Tweet that!)

Would you like to use this event to reach out to neighbors, friends, or family members in order to start a conversation about the important things of God, the Bible, and Jesus Christ? If yes, you can find some ideas for ways to make that happen here:

Here is a printable brochure (PDF) of information about these four lunar eclipses and the seven Feasts of the Lord on which they are falling:

I hope you've enjoyed reviewing all this fascinating information. In the next post we'll review some science behind lunar eclipses and several different happenings that can cause the moon to appear red.

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