Thursday, March 19, 2015

Where and When to See Tomorrow's Total Solar Eclipse -- Plus Easter Moments Countdown Days 15 & 14

Solar Eclipse public photo from NASA
The March 20th, 2015, total solar eclipse will occur in the early morning hours tomorrow.

Unless you're vacationing or living with Santa Claus, you probably won't be able to see it live because it's showing at the North Pole.

I'm counting on all of us being able to see it through news on TV, perhaps photos posted online. I don't know, really. We'll all have to wait and see who helps us witness this event. I'm just sure somebody will!

If you want to know where exactly it will be visible, which is fun to know, you can see on site at this link:

This total solar eclipse will not be visible where I live in the United States. Where I live, the sun won't even be up at the time the eclipse takes place. The eclipses will take place very early tomorrow morning. Just to give you an idea, if you are somewhere in middle-America, from your vantage point the eclipse will begin somewhere around 1:40 AM and will end sometime around 5:50 AM.

Nevertheless, it's an event to be "watching" (remotely) and to be aware of.

If you find a great link to a photo, news story, scientific video, or other means of viewing this solar eclipse, would you please leave a link in the comments section below? Thanks!

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